BT Apologise Again, but Offer Only Their Regrets

At long last I’ve received a response from BT to the “complaint” I sent them on October 6th about last weeks massive broadband outage. It seems nobody looked at it until today, whereupon they responded swiftly! Here’s the meat of it:

Thank you for your enquiry, received on 12-10-11

First of all, please accept our apologies for any delay in this email reaching you, as we have been extremely busy lately.

I am sorry to hear you’ve been adversely affected by our recent outage.

Unfortunately we do not have any further details as to the cause or nature of the outage, and following discussions with my supervisors regarding this, I regret we are unlikely to receive any further information from BT Wholesale on this matter.

I do apologise for again any inconvenience caused during this time.

Here at Marketing Dreams we have certainly suffered from some inconvenience, and we will continue to seek  “further information from BT Wholesale on the recent outage”. Surely somebody somewhere must have some idea about what went wrong?

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