An Open Letter to British Telecom Wholesale

To whom it may concern,

We have a BT Business Broadband account. At 12:32 on Monday 3rd October our internet connection went down. I have been attempting to discover the underlying cause of this problem ever since.

Starting today at 13:44 BST I had a long conversation with William Baskerville in BT Retail Broadband Technical Support. He was most helpful, but nonetheless unable to answer my questions in detail. William informed me that the ultimate problem actually lay within BT Wholesale, and that BT Wholesale do not communicate directly with BT Retail’s small business broadband customers. Nonetheless I would like to communicate urgently with whoever within BT Wholesale can explain to me exactly what went wrong on Monday, in as much technical detail as possible.

Here is my own log of events thus far:

I will be adding this email to that log shortly.

Yours in anticipation,

Jim Hunt

Managing Director

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