BT’s Systems Break Broadband of Two Million Businesses?

It’s 07:26 the next morning. Nobody from British Telecom has called me back yet, so I phone them yet again. I am informed yet again by BT’s automated systems that there is a queue. Once more I inform them of my name and number.

I’ve just got up from my chair to go and make my first mug of coffee, when the phone rings! It’s Abida getting back to me from BT’s broadband technical helpdesk in Dundee. I tell her my tale of woe. Abida tells me that “the problem” affected up to 30% of BT’s business broadband customers, around 2 million in total. Abida apologies to me on BT’s behalf, and asks that I understand that in those sort of circumstances BT’s response times might not be all that we both might wish.

I tell Abida that I don’t want apologies, I want answers. I ask her to escalate things to the desk of someone who can provide those answers. Abida goes away for a while to consult her supervisor, then helpfully suggests that I fill in a complaint form on BT’s website.

That will have to wait, because today Kasia and I are rushing off to The Slaughterhouse in Plymouth to see part of the British Art Show 7. Maybe we’ll record a video or two while we’re about it?

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