Much Ado About How To Become A Famous Artist

“Much Ado About How to Become a Famous Artist” is my first animation movie. I wrote the whole script and produced the animation in collaboration with Nikolaus Cieslinski. The movie was made in cooperation with the VisionLore Group. They are a Polish animation company who designed the visual characters.

It is a humorous view of the modern contemporary art scene in the 21st century. It is based on my experiences as a female fine artist, a painter. I still think that mastery, technique and talent are more important than the contemporary concept that “expressing yourself” is all that counts. Everybody can express their own feelings in their own particular way. You don’t have to be a “fine artist”, you don’t have to have any “technique”, following that principle everyone is an artist as long as they “express themselves”. All that is required in this brave new world is a “concept”. But is that ART? I don’t want art to be elitist, but art should be about truth, beauty and the sacred. And yes, there are some objective criteria for these categories!

Here is my own conception of the modern art world, in moving pictures:

Much Ado About How To Become A Famous Artist from Kasia Turajczyk on Vimeo.

One thought on “Much Ado About How To Become A Famous Artist

  1. Perfect Beauty + Total Crap = Utter Brilliance!

    Congratulations to the “author” on an imaginative tour de force. Congratulations also to “The Producers” and “The Animators” on the top notch production values.

    Where do you draw the line here between concept, art, design, craft, technique and expression? The final work obviously required the services of many billions of CPU and/or GPU cycles. Can a computer create “fine art”? How about a computer programmer, or a computer operator?

    On a technical rather than artistic note, are you able to persuade VisionLore to reveal which software(s) was used to realize this vision of yours?

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