BT’s Systems on Go Slow?

I registered my complaint in writing about Monday’s broadband outage with British Telecom at 15:12 yesterday afternoon. Their website assured me that:

BT promise a response to complaints "within 4 hours"

BT promise a response to complaints "within 4 hours"

Almost immediately I received a confirmation email saying:

Thank you for contacting the BT Business Help & Support team.

Your message has been received, and your incident number is 111006-001250

We’ll endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.

The time currently is 20:48 on Friday 7th October. I did hunt around BT’s business support forum this afternoon and found some useful information┬áthat might well come in handy should such a problem ever occur again. However I have received no other form of communication from BT.

Enough said? I need a drink!

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