Mintaka’s Message for Xmas Shoppers

I went to the supermarket yesterday. It is now obvious that Christmas is coming. Mintaka’s message bears repeating. Here it is once more, for Christmas shoppers everywhere.

Merry Christmas from Mintaka
Merry Christmas from Mintaka

My name is Mintaka. I am a stranger here on Earth; I was born in the Nebula of Orion.

Your species is dominant, but weird. The only time in the long calendar of the year
when you are kind, forgiving, charitable and pleasant to each other is at Christmas time.
It is the only time when “men and women open their shut-up hearts freely”.
(One of your famous writers pointed this out a long time ago).

I am not sure I understand you. Why don’t you behave in such a way on all the other days of the year? I am watching you and waiting to see you beautiful and brave.

Maybe one day….

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