Contemporary Art in the Community #7

High Street, Exeter, Devon, South West England
Monday 12th December 2011

In which Kasia and Jim interrupt Chris’s sales of The Big Issue, and then discuss with him and Steve their view of contemporary art from the streets of Exeter:

Contemporary Art in the Community – No. 7/n from Jim L. Hunt on Vimeo.

We presented this video at the inaugural Live Art Meets event at the Exeter Phoenix Café Bar on the evening of Tuesday 24th April 2012.

Videos of that event will follow shortly, from a variety of different angles!

Here’s the “manifesto” we handed out

One thought on “Contemporary Art in the Community #7

  1. Whilst we were “performing” at the Phoenix, Claire was in our audience, blogging and tweeting as the event unfolded.

    The thing is though, that when we read back Claire’s comments after the event, they seemed to largely miss not only what we originally intended to convey but also what the comments the audience wrote in our guest book following the event suggested (to us at least!) that we did in fact convey.


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